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When gravity takes its toll on your face, it can make you feel really discouraged about your appearance. Maybe you hate the sagging skin, but dread the idea of major surgery like a face-lift even more. There’s now a remarkable non-surgical solution called the MEDiTHREAD® polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift. At Feel Ideal 360™ in Southlake, Texas, board-certified Angela Straface, MD, expertly injects a series of absorbable threads that invisibly lift your skin while triggering new collagen formation for long-lasting skin firming. Book your MEDiTHREAD lift consultation online or by phone today.



MEDiTHREAD is a PDO thread lift procedure that’s often called an instant non-surgical face-lift for your cheeks, jaw, and neck area. In this treatment, Dr. Straface injects absorbable threads made from the same type of material as absorbable sutures.

MEDiTHREADs secure your skin in a lifted position, using the strongest and highest quality PDO threads available today. The threads also stimulate collagen regeneration below your skin, allowing you to grow a new skin support system that maintains your appearance even after the threads dissolve.

What kind of skin sagging can MEDiTHREAD help with?

MEDiTHREAD is customizable, so it's an ideal non-surgical treatment for nearly any kind of skin sagging on your face or body. Its most popular application is a non-surgical face-lift, but MEDiTHREAD can also lift and tighten the abdomen, arms, buttocks, or other parts of your body. Talk to your Feel Ideal 360 provider about your areas of concern so they can design a customized MEDiTHREAD lift for you.

What is the MEDiTHREAD treatment process like? 

Dr. Straface numbs the treatment areas and then creates tiny entry points to inject the threads using a hollow needle or ultrathin cannula. Then, they place the threads in the best position for optimal lifting and pull them gently upwards to secure them below your skin. You won't see any obvious evidence of the threads on your skin surface. 

What can I expect after a MEDiTHREAD procedure?

After your MEDiTHREAD procedure, you can expect an instant skin lift. You'll notice fewer wrinkles, improved skin tone, and a more youthful appearance. You could have some mild swelling for a few days, but a MEDiTHREAD lift doesn’t interfere with your normal routine. 

You absorb the sutures naturally around six months after your procedure. But, you maintain the benefits of lifted skin for 12-15 months after the procedure because you have new collagen supporting your skin, as well as new blood vessels that enhance circulation to the treated areas. 

For an instant face-lift, without the surgery or long recovery, consider a MEDiTHREAD procedure at Feel Ideal 360. Use online scheduling or call the office to book your consultation.