Feel Ideal 360™ is a multi-location medical clinic offering wellness, weight loss, and age management services at convenient DFW locations in Arlington and Southlake.  We specialize in physician administered injectables, medical cosmetic services, elite skin care services and products, advanced anti-aging treatments, skin tightening, custom hormone regulation, potent vitamin and supplements, and medically supervised weight loss solutions.


Feel Ideal 360™ was born from the dream of our medical doctor who wanted to offer something more for weight loss and cosmetic patients.  Our Doctor was named to the list of 2013 Top Doctors By Fort Worth, Texas Magazine, and has well over a decade of professional advanced medical experience.  She realized that there was much she could do to proactively meet weight loss patients in her wellness clinic rather than reactively in her emergency room after some serious health scare event.  There was another unsettling observation of people receiving cosmetic/medical type injections and treatments ( BOTOX®, etc.)  in non-medical settings by non-medically trained, unlicensed, or inexperienced individuals.


Feel Ideal 360™ resolves these issues.  People now have a safe option to improve their health and appearance before it is an issue.  Our electing patients also receive platinum level care with our treatments and Doctor Administered Injectables of Botox®, Xeomin®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Radiesse®.


Another important goal of our clinics is to empower patients with the best skin care education, consultation, customized treatments, and products


We offer many premium products and services such as ZO Obagi® Medical Grade Skin Care, Medical Grade Chemical Peels, EndyMed® Semi-Permanent Fine Line & Wrinkle Reduction skin tightening procedures, PRP, B12 Lipotropic Injections, Micropen, Microderm, Dermaplaning, IPL Photofacial, Hydrafacials, Medical Grade Facials, Relaxing Facials, Eyebrow/Lip Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint, Laser Tattoo Removal, Semi-Permanent Makeup, and supporting Skin Health Supplements.


We also offer a special no drug, no surgery, no starvation, and no exercise required weight loss protocol. This weight loss option is a medically designed and professionally supervised protocol dispensed only by healthcare professionals. It is a muscle-sparing, fat-targeting weight loss protocol that was created for athletes in France over 20 years ago. You can lose an average of 2-5 pounds per week without exercise.


The protocol has a beginning and an end where we not only take the weight off and help you to be healthier; but we show you how to keep it off. Contact us today, lose weight, look & feel younger, and start your journey towards a healthier you.


Feel Ideal 360™ additionally exists to provide other doctors with a safe option in referring their patients with weight loss concerns. Not only do area doctors refer patients to us, but they come to us to lose weight themselves!


No matter who we meet, or what their goal is, we always strive to provide the public with professional wellness treatments, medically supervised weight loss, and physician administered cosmetic injectables in a safe credentialed medical office setting.  This results in a better value, experience, and outcome for all.


We believe this is what people desire and deserve.  We believe that you should not wait any longer nor settle for anything less.  We are ready to help you meet your goals.  Call us today.





Live long, happy, and healthy.™